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C.A L.M. (Community Action in Learning Music) is an interdisciplinary project in the fields of Music Education/Psychology, Health Economics, and European Law, founded and coordinated by Eleni Lapidaki, Professor of Music Education, and funded by the Research Committee of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (Project Code 45008). The full title of the research project is "Learning Communities and Music Education: Music Creativity as Social Action." Until today more than 200 urban and provincial disadvantaged Greek K-12 schools and communities have participated in the widening-participation project.


On this website you will find information about the project, its affiliated investigators, scientific publications and our showcase.



C. A. L. M.'s goal is three-fold:





If you want to collaborate with us, please contact Prof. Dr. Eleni Lapidaki (lapidaki@mus.auth.gr), the research coordinator, to receive info and news related to the C.A.L.M. project.


Students Teaching Students

Now you could view samples of the project on the DVD “Students Teaching Students”! Alternatively, a small sample of lower resolution videos are also available on our website!