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C. A. L. M.'s Pedagogical Responsibility

The far-reaching impact of the work of C.A.L.M. is demonstrated by the many music teaching and learning projects which serve as connections to a broad community of about 200 Greek and Cypriot elementary, secondary, special needs and/or hospital schools, refugee centers, and Roma settlements, among other communities, that have no or limited access to music education.


Music students enrolled in the "Music Education," "Music Creativity," and "Music Identities" courses, which Prof. Dr. Eleni Lapidaki is teaching at the Department of Music Studies, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, divided in groups of 2-4, gain their first teaching experience by adopting a class of students coming to grips with the changing social, economic, cultural, and political contexts of music education.


This "learning community" approach to music education helps both university music students and underserved students develop an intimate relation between learning what one ought to care about and participating in a musical discourse through which one can reflect publicly with others with music. Thus, the gap between theory and praxis that characterizes teaching in higher education is bridged through meaningful action.